Saturday, July 7, 2007

Wham: Watermelon, Delicious and Healthy

Did you know that Watermelon is a rich source of Lycopene, the same phytochemical found in the tomato, which has been reported to be such a healthy cancer-fighter? Many people think that a watermelon is just sugar and water -- and while it is a sweet treat indeed, that melon doesn't have all THAT much sugar in it. A cup of diced watermelon contains only about 50 calories. It is about 90% water, as well.

Here are some tips from about how to choose a terrific, sweet watermelon this summer:
Summer is here and I always have a hard time picking a watermelon at the groceries. I did a little research and here is what you should watch for to get a sweet watermelon.

- Tap the watermelon with your knuckles and listen for a hollow sound
- There should be little color contrast between the green stripes
- The end should be going from white to light yellow
- Press your thumbs into the skin from all angles. It should be hard all around.
Enjoy a great, healthy watermelon this weekend!

A great article about watermelons is linked to the headline of today's post, and a reader named Patrick suggested another GREAT link in the commments box today,



Patrick said...

Here's a great link. Watermelon is wonderful and healthy!

Dave Jensen said...

The correct link is:

Water Melon