Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sham: Trader Joe's Takes Stand Against Chinese Supplements

Functional Ingredients Magazine reports that as of earlier this year, the popular grocery and supplements retailer Trader Joe's has joined the backlash against Chinese contamination by completely blocking all "single-ingredient" products such as supplements and rice. While this still allows multi-ingredient products to have a Chinese component, it is widely believed that this kind of action will be popular with consumers who are rallying in huge numbers against the poor quality control and contamination found in many kinds of "healthy" Chinese goods.

Congratulations to Trader Joe's management team on this one! We love the chain, but have long been concerned that they were not listening to concerns about Chinese products.

Unfortunately, Whole Foods (a major competitor of Trader Joe's) has no plans to follow the lead. That's a shame -- I urge anyone in a marketplace with both stores to support the retailer who has made a clear decision in favor of your health. Hopefully, Whole Foods (another wonderful retailer) will soon recognize the positive impact of such a move.


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