Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Crash Dieting May Lead to Early Death

Here's some news for those who are concerned about weight gain, and who believe that a "eat and crash" cycle of dieting is good for them.

Researchers fromr Glasgow University have found that this common practice, which might be labeled "binge eating with later dieting," is actually dangerous. Studies in fish have found that doing this results in a reduced life expectance of up to 25%.

They believe the findings could have implications for teenagers and children who follow extreme patterns of dieting. "The fish on the fluctuating diet put just as much effort into breeding - the males became brightly coloured as usual and the females produced the normal number of eggs," the BBC quoted Professor Neil Metcalf, as saying "However, on average their lifespan was only three-quarters that of animals eating a constant amount every day," Metcalf said.

The research found this was the result in an increase in the risk of sudden death.

Professor Metcalfe stated: "It seems that uneven growth, due to the fluctuation in the amount eaten per day, is responsible for the increase in the risk of sudden death. This is possibly because the body tissues are more likely to have imperfections due to growth spurts."

The study is published in the journal, Proceedings of the Royal Society.

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